Sometimes we are asked, “Why does hair removal matter?”

pat larson electrologist rochester mnIn the workplace and our personal lives, a lot is expected of us.  We work harder, go faster, and do more.  This leaves us mentally, physically, and emotionally drained.  Statistics prove that if a person invests in his or her appearance, they feel renewed on all of those same levels.  For many who have unwanted hair (seen or unseen), removing it changes how they feel about themselves. Their confidence in relationships increases and performance on the job improves, and they are often ready to take the next step in self-care, whatever that is for them.

One of the most important things we do at A New You is listen. We let our clients tell us what they want and then together we figure out a plan of action that best suits their skin type and goals.

We at A New You see the removal of excess or unwanted hair as a compassionate solution to an often uncomfortable situation. Our clients appreciate our decades of experience and the fact that we focus on both Laser and Electrolysis.